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Field Day 2002

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Field Day 2002 June 22nd & 23rd at Miami Creek 4,500 feet


1133 QSO'S for 4094 points



The SSB station and the CW station used Dick's call AC6DK, and the GOTA station used the club call W6WGZ. This trailer was given to Frank W6BBS by Dick AC6DK so it could be completed and used as a portable ham shack and also used for field day

by our club.



Field Day 2002 was dedicated to dick for his

contributions to the club and promoting amateur

radio to a new generation. It has been Dick's 

dream for the MCARC to become a highly proactive 

club. We are all proud to have helped make Dick's

dream come true. Thanks Dick for your vision.

The CW station was equipped with a 30 foot 3 section mini tower with Ham M rotator. The tower has a hinged base that was bolted to the trailer floor. The CW station antennas were a TH3 junior tribander and a 80 meter loop that was

also used for 40 meters.

Here are the two main CW operators in the CW station hard at work. On the left is Guss KF6ZXO our club Vise President, and on the right is our new

member Kent K6IN. The third CW operator was me, your President, Mark AD6VN. I found coping code at 28 wpm a little intimidating at first but after several hours logging I was able to copy much better and took a turn in the operators seat.



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