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Hello from the Madera V.E. team. Here is

the schedule for the 2017 exam sessions.

The location is the United Methodist Church

at 500 Sunset Ave. Madera, Ca. 93637  MAP

Madera 2017 Exam Schedule

Amateur Class Question Pools

Saturday, January No schedule

The question pools are normally valid for 4 years and the current Question Pools are as follows:

Element 2 - Technician - Effective July1, 2014 until June 30, 2018

Element 3 - General - Effective July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2019

Element 4 - Extra - Effective July1, 2012 until June 30, 2016


Saturday, April No schedule

Saturday, July No schedule

Saturday, October No schedule


For license study materials see Tech Support page.



Contact persons for the Madera V.E. team

Richard Smith WD6FF (559) 232-1114

If no answer, please leave a message, name and phone number.


What to bring to the exam session

You will need to bring two forms of identification: #1) social security card and #2) picture ID. If you have been issued an FRN number from the FCC, please bring it. If you are upgrading, you will also need to bring any CSCE’s that you have with copies , the original and a copy of your amateur license. You may take as many test elements as you wish during the exam session. The exam session fee is $15.00 (cash only) per person that will be taking exams. The test session will start at 10:00 AM so you should arrive about 15 minutes early for processing of paper work and payment of exam fee. Walk-in's only, No pre-registration is required.  Please get plenty of sleep the night before, so you will be alert and ready for the exam(s). We look forward to seeing you there and good luck.

Madera V.E. Team


Here are some other clubs in the area that offer V.E. exams.

Fresno License Exams   Oakhurst License Exams

If you would like more information about exam sessions in your area

you can do a search on the ARRL web site. Exam Search




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